Five finger discount

Posted by Iannucci | 6/18/2008 | 5 comments »
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Wait until the Iron Hand of Justice gets a whiff of this. From WISH-TV:

It appears that some local thieves might not be fans of open wheel racing. Sinden Racing Service was broken into Monday night and vandals got away with a carload of race car related goods.

Six racing helmets belonging to drivers like Danica Patrick and Helio Castroneves were taken. Dan Wheldon's helmet that he wore in last year's win at Homestead is also gone.

Also on the list of stolen goods are four IBM laptop computers, two DVD players, two Xbox systems and some high-end watches.
Huh. Wonder if they were Tissot (Danica) or Tag Heuer (Sarah)?

Meanwhile WTHR-TV notes that among the confiscated items was "a Sarah Fisher helmet signed by fans to wish her luck at the Indy 500." Eee-gads! Like that wouldn’t be obvious if you put it up on eBay.

Ironically the one thing they didn’t take could have had the most value to the league: the trailer that was raided also included the Indy Racing League Championship trophy. For some reason I thought this was handed off to the winner like Lord Stanley’s Cup, but I guess IRL officials felt the hardware would be safer inside a truck than at Dario’s home. After all, he’s got crime issues as well.

If you have any clues about this shameless theft then by all means please contact The Authorities, although presumably detectives have already started their investigation by questioning these two felonious IndyCar fans.


  1. Anonymous // June 18, 2008 7:44 PM  

    This is why we can't have anything nice!

    I hope the bastards get caught soon!

    I'll keep my eye on craigslist.

  2. Anonymous // June 19, 2008 3:52 AM  

    that YouTube video is bad publicity. Why couldn't he have worn a NAPCAR jacket or Oakland Raiders for that matter.

  3. Anonymous // June 19, 2008 5:04 AM  

    bad publicity

    no such thing my friend

    that's priceless !

  4. Anonymous // June 19, 2008 6:00 AM  

    If caught, the suspects should be sentenced to work as Marty Roth's pit crew. That'll learn 'em not to steal stuff!

  5. Anonymous // June 19, 2008 7:14 AM  

    bill coy:

    As a business man

    I know that BAD PUB = BAD for Business !