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Posted by Iannucci | 6/03/2008 | 0 comments »
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Pardon the IndyCar fans who have a bit of a complex that the series is becoming a feeder for other forms of racing. With two recent champions going off to drive stock cars it’s understandable that many of us become apoplectic at rumblings that a couple of guys leading the Next Generation of the series (PLEASE don’t call them Gillette “Young Guns”, Marty!) are simply waiting for the opportunity to bolt for F1.

Oreo says remain calm, because despite reports hypothesizing otherwise those two young men on the front row at Milwaukee should both be around for a long, long time.

Thus sayeth Graham Rahal:

"Unless the top three teams [in F1] come calling, you're not going to have a shot at winning, and I don't find it attractive to go and fight for 15th place every weekend. We've shown here that any team can come up here and fight. You saw Conquest, a low-budget team, out-qualify one of the Penskes [at Milwaukee]. That doesn't happen in Formula One.

"Being an American, I love living here and I love racing here. And you find that all the Europeans who come over here like racing here better anyway."
So speaketh Marco Andretti:

"As long as [the IndyCar Series] grows, this is where we want to be, unless one of the big three [F1] teams pulls you out of a win at Kentucky, which I doubt is going to happen.

"I really think unless the timing is perfect I don't see it [F1] in my future. I'm absolutely happy where I am right now. I have an awesome chance year in and year out of getting two of my ultimate goals -- the [Indy] 500 and the championship."
Nine months ago we had to deal with that “Will the last IndyCar driver please turn out the lights” nonsense, but now? Now we have a bizarro world where there are 28 regular entries, one of which is being piloted by a guy (John Andretti) who started the year racing in the N-Word.

Sleep well at night, my friends.