Shock the Marty

Posted by Iannucci | 6/04/2008 | 2 comments »
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In what will surely bring comfort to our neighbors in the Great White North, The Canadian Press says Marty Roth has finally figured out what’s wrong with his driving; he requires more engineers.

At last weekend's Milwaukee Mile, he hit the wall in the first practice session, damaging the underside of the wing and highlighting a host of other set-up problems that made it more prudent to park the Dallara chassis than race it.

"If in preparation anyone has made a mistake, you won't be a player that weekend - and we're making too many mistakes right now," he said.

Shock problems have been identified as the main culprit and they've hired three more engineers this week, including a shock specialist, to rectify things.
If your humble host were to be a total horse’s backside there might be a few words here saying the “shock problems” are better identified as the shock Roth Racing feels every time Moto Marty gets up close and personal with the SAFER barrier. But I would never say anything like that. No, not me.

It would be too shocking. *rimshot*

As an aside, someone was kind enough to drop me a note last week that simply read “Marty is single-handedly responsible for the Dallara shortage.” Har har.


  1. Fred Hurley // June 04, 2008 8:25 AM  

    Poor Marty. You see, he made his money in real estate development, and he's just trying to knock down the walls so those tracks can build condo units in the corners, like Charlotte. :-)

    On a serious note, after his showing on Bump Day, Marty gets a bit of a pass from me. If the dude wants one last hurrah this year before going full Chip Ganassi on us, more power to him.

  2. Anonymous // June 08, 2008 9:09 AM  

    Marty Roth, worst Indycar driver all time.