Crime down under

Posted by Iannucci | 9/20/2008 | 2 comments »
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Good morning. I hope you slept well, and that no one snuck into your home and brazenly stole your $100,000 watch while you were sleeping.

The theives raided high-profile Gold Coast businessman Craig Gore's home as he slept.

They are believed to have used a boat to get to multimillionaire Mr Gore's luxury waterfront villa on exclusive Ephraim Island about 4am today.

They plundered valuables including a rare watch collection, computers, jewellery and a substantial amount of cash.

(MORE from the Herald Sun)
See, this is exactly why your humble host leaves all of his rare watch collections at Dario Franchitti's house, where they're much safer.

This could have possible repercussions for the IndyCar series as Gore, you may recall, is the driving force behind the upcoming race/event/party extravaganza at Surfer's Paradise. He's also the guy who brings the Aussie Vinyards sponsorship to KV Racing's Will Power. In fact, according to his Wikipedia page he's also related by marriage to the guy who made the movie "Babe", which just so happens to be Ryan Hunter-Reay's new nickname. Oh, this is troublesome indeed.

So who wants to bet this web of intrigue leads back to the "nefarious" and "vexatious" Derrick Walker?


  1. Anonymous // September 20, 2008 11:58 AM  

    I think you'd be better off leaving them in the Indy Fan Zone Trailer.

  2. Anonymous // September 21, 2008 9:51 AM  

    Why can't the Herald-Sun spell "thieves"?