The brown is dead

Posted by Iannucci | 9/19/2008 | 12 comments »
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In the immortal words of some unknown mortal who has otherwise been immortalized, "Change is inevitable, except from vending machines."

Rest assured this new evolutionary version of My Name Is IRL is, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.


  1. Anonymous // September 20, 2008 6:23 AM  

    Looks very good. Sorta miss the stencil though.

    I googled IRL last year when the merger took place and my interest was renewed. Your site popped up and I use it to check on my other favorite sites now--Pressdog, Indy Racing Revolution and Calvin. So thanks.

  2. Anonymous // September 20, 2008 7:29 AM  


  3. Anonymous // September 20, 2008 8:44 AM  

    very sorry. Of course Is It May Yet, except for when he's off PHDing and weatherizing.

  4. Anonymous // September 20, 2008 10:40 AM  

    Hey Jeff just one question, where are the drivers pictures and their nicknames gonna go? I loved that part.

  5. Anonymous // September 20, 2008 10:41 AM  

    Heh, I wasn't actually referring to you, but thanks!

    My real question is where will Jeff work in the Class of 09 next season.

  6. Iannucci // September 20, 2008 11:08 AM  

    Fear not - the Class of '09 and their most glorious nicknames will soon be represented in a very special way.

    You see the bar at the top with the search box? Well to the left of it are invisible buttons. When I give the all clear the buttons will magically appear and be fixed atop the site for all the world to enjoy.

    And The Class is definitely buttonworthy.

    By the way, if anyone has any constructive criticism I'm totally open for it. I got tired of the limited functionality of the original version, so if anything can be added to enhance your viewing then please suggest away.

  7. The Merchant's // September 20, 2008 12:26 PM  

    Since you're new and improved and taking suggestions, you really need a creative header like Pressdog's. I've done some HTML graphic work and could create something using the "My Name is IRL" blogger identity pic if you want. I usually post as AGRfan26, but I'll use my blogger identity so you can find me if you're interested in some free artwork from a loyal reader.

  8. Pat W // September 20, 2008 1:56 PM  

    Coool redesign.

    I did the same as Mike when the merger happened - it was reading Jeff, Pressdog and iiMy that got me into doing my own.. so you also have my thanks!

  9. Anonymous // September 20, 2008 4:06 PM  

    Ohhhhhhh, I dunno Jeff.

    But, if it gets rid of that hack who posts after every race as mmack, it might be worth something.


  10. Iannucci // September 20, 2008 4:50 PM  

    Whoops! The oversight of "Calvin" has been rectified. He's now represented under "Ask the Expert" in the IRL Blogroll.

    And thank you folks for the kind words. I am just as indebted to all of you for volunteering to share your time and thoughts here.

    ...OK, quit hugging and get back to work helping me out with this site.

  11. Anonymous // September 21, 2008 8:03 AM  

    Frankly I'm afraid of the new website, as a token Republican I hate change and this is some radical change (hopey-hopey, change-change?).

    In all seriousness though the change was a shock and I had to check my browser to be sure I was still in the usual place I'm sure I'll adjust to the new site. :p (Looks great.)

    Additionally, your new liberal site is even wackier than I thought. My word verification was a misspelled swear, followed by a misspelled hallucinogen.

  12. Carrie // September 21, 2008 8:08 AM  

    I think I may have been one of the first to hop on the site after the change and, I'd only just been here like half an hour prior. When the brown popped up, I was like WTF did I hit the wrong bookmark?!?!

    So far, I like it. :-)