I am Lindy

Posted by Iannucci | 3/21/2009 | 0 comments »
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Our buddy Will at is it May yet? has scooped us all, securing the first IndyCar-related interview with VERSUS pit reporter Lindy Thackston. Turns out Lindy - a proud Boilermaker - is not only a grizzled veteran from covering the ALMS, but she has also done a little weather work on the side. I'm guessing this is the real reason why an über-weatherologist like Will was so interested in chatting her up.

iiMy: Did I see you doing coverage for Hurricane/TS Fay on your demo reel? Yeah, this is probably more for my own curiosity than that of the readers, but what was that experience like? You know, much like Jack Arute’s tan, they say that hurricanes may be getting more intense because of global warming.

LT: Parts of covering hurricanes are really cool – to see the ocean like that, the wind howling.

Then again – I am standing there in it, gripping a stop sign for dear life, telling you how unsafe it is to go out in it.

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