It's the thought that counts

Posted by Iannucci | 6/26/2009 | 2 comments »
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AS you might recall, Tony Kanaan is trying to get a date for his teammate. You know, the Japanese guy named "HIDEKI", who for some inexplicable reason HIDEKI has been unable to find himself a main squeeze here in the good 'ol U. S. of A. Not wanting to see a teammate have loneliness messing with his head at speeds over 200 mph, Tony has created a web address where young ladies can send emails, pics, vids, or possibly powerpoint presentations outlining how they would be an all-too-perfect match for young mister HIDEKI.

Kanaan has even put the email address on his helmet.

Anyone else think Tony needs to be checked for a possible concussion?

(Kudos to James at 16th and Georgetown for noticing this first.)


  1. Mike R // June 26, 2009 9:14 PM  

    Looks like the wrong guy may get the gal. If they're looking for a guy named Hikeki, it's a winner. Hopefully Hideki won't get further down in the dumps when he realizes his potential main squeeze is running off with a guy with an 'almost' name.

  2. llilly // June 27, 2009 6:01 AM  

    Someone needs a manicure.