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Posted by Iannucci | 6/18/2009 | 11 comments »
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"People can say what you want, but Formula One isn't exactly stable right now. N***R, let's look at what Chevy just did, if Chevy is going to continue to cut, Dodge is going to cut. N***R is no more stable. I've got to be honest: I think IndyCar is the most stable of all of them . . . N***R has peaked, plain and simple. IndyCar racing, the quality of racing is second to none. The quality of drivers is second to none . . . I still think IndyCar racing is where it's at. I'm American, I'm biased to that, I feel that the Indy 500 is the most patriotic thing to compete in and that's where I'm focused." - Graham Rahal, proudly patriotic American, standing and saluting Old Glory while sounding just as red-white-and-blue as any N-word driver.


  1. Anonymous // June 18, 2009 3:13 PM  

    Oh, brother...where to start: How about the simple facts that eight of the last ten 500 winners are not Americans, or that 5 of the last six series champs are not Americans. And you know what else, no one cares, because no one cares. With the exception of Danica and Helio, and maybe Sarah, the drivers are all in witness protection. Time to divide this pig into North American and International Divisions, run 15 races in each, and crown IRL National and International Champions, with the 500 winner celebrated again for the victory.

  2. Mike R // June 18, 2009 3:25 PM  

    With the lingering questions over who's in charge at the Speedway and the future of the series, I'm thinking this may be a little flowery on GR's part. The 'greatest drivers' statement should have an asterisk next to it when you look at Milka, Stanton (and some others hanging around the back of the grid). With the fan discontent about quality of the racing/product, I'd be pretty concerned about what steps to take to get things going in the right direction again. But I agree with his comparisons on those points about F1 and N-word racing. I admire his stance about the patriotic aspects.

    I'll always rather watch Indy...even this year's version...than Daytona.

  3. redd // June 18, 2009 4:16 PM  

    they are all race car drivers. what difference does it make?

    and the pig barely has enough of these drivers for one division.

  4. stand b // June 18, 2009 6:41 PM  

    I just became a GRahal fan

  5. Leigh O'Gorman // June 18, 2009 8:27 PM  

    hmmm... i think you can scratch the whole F1 isn't stable line

    F1 just fell off the perch a couple of hours ago

  6. Jennifer Coomer // June 18, 2009 8:29 PM  

    And my heart grew 3 sizes for Graham Rahal today...

  7. Ryan // June 18, 2009 9:22 PM  

    With all due respect to Mr. Rahal saying NASCAR has peaked, yeah sure, but that's like saying you're catching a car that has lapped you five times already. You can be cocky and sure about the state of matters once Indycar's prestige starts to get close to matching NASCAR's again.

  8. Anonymous // June 19, 2009 2:46 PM  

    How great would it be if this kid could win a couple of races this season and take a crack at the championship...

  9. BP in Louisville // June 19, 2009 2:52 PM  

    Not knocking Graham, but didn't He compete for team Lebanon in the A1GP in 2006? I could care less about the patriotism of the guy or whatever (that's His business) but why bring it up given that You'd competed for another nation? The way I see it, that's kind of like one of our NBA players playing for another country in the Olympics and then professing their "Americanism". I wish him well, I like him, but I always wondered about that.

  10. Iannucci // June 19, 2009 3:18 PM  

    BP, that was back when Graham was young and foolish, and I'm sure at some point in our teenage years nearly all of us were palling around with the Lebanese. It's just one unfortunate but integral part of an individual's journey to patriotic discovery.

  11. Anonymous // June 19, 2009 4:35 PM  

    "and the pig barely has enough of these drivers for one division."

    Like there's a worldwide shortage of race car drivers. What were all those guys with helmets, cell phones and no car to drive doing standing around at IMS about a month ago? All it takes is a sniff of sponsorship to catch a ride.