The Sofa King returns

Posted by Iannucci | 9/17/2009 | | 1 comments »
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It's time for Motegi, which means it's time for any driver with a Japanese surname and a recent history of driving to suddenly find himself behind the wheel of a Dallara. Case in point Roger Yasukawa and Kosuke Matsuura.

Roger's a likable guy and his record at Indy is solid, but let's face it - he's never had a career moment quite like this one Kosuke had, which was the cherry on top of his odd career rivalry with Jeff Simmons. Here's to broken English, thick accents, and an honest dose of profanity that hopefully my kids still can't understand.

All Hail the Sofa King! Tens of race fans will be downing coffee and eagerly awaiting his inevitably candid 2am interview with Gentleman Jack Arute at Motegi this weekend.



  1. Dale Nixon // September 18, 2009 10:54 AM  

    Oh man you read my mind on this one...I was working on compiling a Matsuura Greatest Hits collection; his turn as launch ramp for Dario's Chitwood Thrill Show impersonation has tentatively taken the pole.