Bernard gets a welcome to the big leagues

Posted by Declan | 5/13/2010 | 3 comments »
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In his rookie year with the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson saw, at very close range, a 46 point clinic by the 76'ers veteran guard and playground legend, World B Free.

College superstar, Brian Bosworth, began his debut season in the NFL by signing an enormous contract but he received an even bigger humiliation live on national television when fellow rookie Bo Jackson simply ran over him like a hauler driving over a possum.

These were classic 'welcome to the big league' moments, moments that would shape the careers of both men. In Bosworth's case the shape was sadly, that of a pear.

Randy Bernard may just have had his own rookie beat down today at the hands of Bruton Smith. As Robin Miller explains here, the CEO of Speedway Motorsports pulled the massive promotional rug from under Bernard's feet today as he revealed the plan to make Memorial Day 2011 a hugely interesting affair.

The IndyCar CEO seems to get the fact that auto racing in the USA is generally struggling for media attention and ratings and Bernard fully recognises the potential of such a huge event. “I want to do some things to shake up the world of racing and all boats rise on a high tide,” he told Miller recently.

Smith's comments are evidence that, indeed, no good deed goes unpunished and he does not do anything that is not in the best interests of his shareholders and Bruton Smith. The most egregious part of today's events is the fact that Smith basically did everything he could to make this look like it was his idea and he was facilitating every facet of it.

When World B Free was asked recently about that extraordinary performance against the NBA's newest superstar he explained, "When people are looking somewhere they are not looking somewhere else. So I wanted to catch their attention. I was the underdog at that moment ... and that‘s when I‘m dangerous."

Maybe that mindset can explain Bruton Smith's need to take the upper hand this afternoon? Is it possible that he felt like the underdog and maybe Randy Bernard and the Indy 500 are a bigger threat than he thought?


  1. The SpeedGeek // May 14, 2010 6:22 AM  

    On the one hand: Gigiggty, gigiggty, gigiggty goo! That would be freaking awesome!

    On the other hand: I'm not booing, I'm chanting "Bruuuuuuuuton!" No, wait. I'm booing. If you screw this up, Smith...

  2. DZ // May 17, 2010 7:04 AM  

    For any post, in this day and age, to reference World B. Free and his prolific hooping, deserves a big +1 and then some. Had you mentioned Truck Robinson in any way, and I may have gone missing from work entirely today.

    Typical game stats for World B. Free (circa 1980):
    Min 39, FG 3-8 (3pt FG 10-23), FT 6-8, 2 Rb, 1 Ast, 0 Foul, 42 Pts.

  3. Declan // May 17, 2010 5:40 PM  

    Thanks DZ.

    When Lloyd Bernard Free changed his name to World, he gave a gift to the planet!

    I can't help but smile when I think of him lighting it up in his overly tiny shorts and comically receding hairline.

    I will continue to strive to come up with more relevant, if obscure, analogies for as long as Jeff lets me! :)