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Posted by Iannucci | 5/17/2010 | , | 0 comments »
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"If you're in the 500, you have a shot at winning the race. So you don't lose sight of that. But you say 'OK what are the things we need to do to beat them? How are we going to beat them?' That's what you really focus on. Where as (big teams) are focused on 'OK, let's not just beat ourselves.' You have to focus on beating that. And it's doable.

"I tell you, there's no way you ever get in a race car an say 'Well, I don't have a chance.' Because then why get in it? Even if you realistically don't have a chance you you get in it then and you say 'OK these certain circumstances are going to have to happen, but you know what, they can. I'm here and I'm gong to do the best I can to put myself in a position so that if they do happen I'm gong to take advantages of them.'"
- John Andretti, who's positive attitude wants nothing to do with any pessimism resulting from that 0 for 48 slump his family is currently experiencing at The Greatest Spectacle In Racing.