pressdog hounds Sarah Fisher

Posted by Iannucci | 3/04/2009 | 10 comments »
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As anyone who has ever read his site can attest (and really, who hasn't?) pressdog would gleefully cop to being the biggest Sarah Fisher fan in the world. Bill Zahren, FishHead Numero Uno.

Being such an adoring fan has it's privileges, like being able to score occasional chit-chats with The Fisher Queen, who once again has taken time out of her busy schedule as Sarah Fisher Racing driver/owner to offer an audience with Bill and answer his burning questions. Such as...

pressdog: What is the one thing about Sarah Fisher that people don’t know that you wish they did know?

Sarah: I am well-rounded. Whether it's installing a new thermostat in our house, hemming a pair of pants for Andy, or training the dog to shake. The challenge is to do what you can on your own. Gotta save money somehow!

I remember once, our dishwasher broke. Andy wouldn’t let me pull it apart to try and fix it. Probably a good thing, because I would’ve flooded or burned the house down! Not being scared of anything, and being a female Tim Taylor does get me in trouble sometimes.

Got that? Sarah Fisher is "well-rounded". Read more at pressdog.


  1. Billy Coy // March 04, 2009 5:56 AM  

    this picture of Sarah was the first thing I saw on the internet today, wow what a great way to start the day !!

  2. Anonymous // March 04, 2009 10:19 AM  

    IMO, she's way hotter than Danica (and a tad bit nicer) I'd like to see more pics of her all dolled up.

  3. Unknown // March 04, 2009 10:40 AM  

    Talk about enhanced!

  4. Jennifer Coomer // March 04, 2009 1:24 PM  

    Sarah Fisher is "well-rounded".

    Oh. You did not. Booooooo.

  5. Anonymous // March 04, 2009 1:40 PM  

    vitorfan: SI disagrees with ya...

    ... & so do I. As for "nice" how do we judge "nice"? Your brief encounters at the track?? She didn't smile & act Miss America enough for you or other fans???

    I've seen drivers act in a variety of ways (good & bad) & at different periods of their careers. It constantly changes. Sign 99 autographs & pass on #100 & he (or she) is the biggest POS ever... yeah right!

  6. Anonymous // March 04, 2009 2:09 PM  

    I agree with vitorfan, she is much nicer, and I think that most people would agree.

  7. Anonymous // March 04, 2009 2:34 PM  


    I wee bit defensive are we? At no time did I say (or even imply) that someone was POS. I simply said "In my opinion Sarah is a tad bit nicer than Danica". You're the one that read too much into it. And yes, at my brief encounters at the track and from what I've seen on TV. The last race I went to I heard multiple people call Danica "the b word". She usually has a smug look on her face and I've seen her talk to fans in an unpleasant tone. Not to mention, have you ever seen anyone throw a towel at Sarah? Has Sarah ever chased anyone down pit lane for an altercation? Sarah seems to go out of her way to sign autographs and to smile. Most fans and other drivers have called her a sweetheart. To my knowledge, I've yet to hear the same about Danica.

  8. Anonymous // March 04, 2009 4:52 PM  

    yum o !

  9. Anonymous // March 04, 2009 8:06 PM  

    Vitorfan: You are the over-sensitive one. I also didn't imply you thought she was a POS. My point was to illustrate that people can't form an accurate opinion of ANYONE based on a short meeting.

    I went to numerous races in 1983-84-85... I remember Mario Andretti being what I would term "cold" or "distant" with his interaction with the fans.

    One specific memory includes Mario standing in the paddock talking to a non team member. A 7-8 year old kid stood next to Mario. He looked down at him & continued to talk. After about 5 minutes a crew man called to him & he walked away from the kid. Mario disappeared into a CART transporter & after another 5 minutes popped back out... & right past the same kid that had been waiting for an autograph. Jumped onto his scooter & was about to take off when the kid got more bold & shouted out to Mario (while blocking his exit). Mario frowned, signed & then sped off with zero interaction.

    Now I love Mario, but I saw this repeated quite often. He was much better during his 1994 Arrivederci Mario season & a retired Mario always seems to be "fan friendly". Who's the "real" Mario?

    My point is brief meetings with ANYONE don't reflect their true personality. Perhaps Danica is a B*tch? Maybe she's not.

    As for your girl Sarah, she not slow enough at most tracks to warrant a towel in her face (like Milka) + Milka is the one who lost her Latin temper & tossed the towel @ Danica.

    Sarah also hasn't been competitive in a while... so an angry walk down pit road wouldn't be in order for her. Ironic that many (including SPEED's Robin Miller) believe Sarah was moved up to the IRL too soon... Danica bashers think the same about her. Yet Danica has WON a race & grabbed many more pole positions than Sarah.

    Sarah Fisher seems like a very nice person, but "nice" doesn't win her races. Both Sarah & Danica are playing with the boys & both employ different philosophies for earning their respect.

  10. Jeff // April 14, 2009 4:25 PM  

    Sarah is a great person. I've talked to her many times at the track. I just seen an article today that she has added two more races to her 2009 Indycar schedule. Congrats to her and the team. GO Sarah!

    btw the article is at - IndyCar: Sarah Fisher Racing adds two ovals