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Posted by Iannucci | 6/03/2009 | 1 comments »
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When news started leaking out yesterday (and it should be noted it still hasn't been officially announced) that Jaques Lazier would be taking over for Stanton Barret in the #98 Team 3G IndyCar, the question most people asked was "Why Jaques?". There are plenty of other drivers available, many of who raced a couple weeks ago in Indianapolis, but for whatever reason Lazier was picked as the guy.

A question few, if anyone, asked was "Why not Stanton?", because after enduring two years of hoping an owner/driver like Marty Roth would let someone else drive for him the natural presumption was that Stuntman Stan had decided he'd had enough of this madness. But if you read the latest entry on his Interush blog, it sounds like Stanton might have a different reason for stepping out of the Dallara.

We were working on shaving time each lap taking off 3-5 tenths per second each lap. Then in turn 2 all of a sudden the car just broke loose and lost control. This was completely unexpected and caught me off guard. I hit the wall hard backwards then came around and slapped the wall sideways on the right side.

Unfortunately it was such a heavy impact we were not able to repair the car at the race track and was not able to race this weekend. I have been very sore from the impact and taking some time to recover. Not certain what the next weekend is going to bring with regards to running the IndyCar. I have to make sure my back is not as sore as it is now to be able to race those cars. It is really unfortunate because it might keep me from running in a few races.

I am still looking forward to the weekend to race either in the Nationwide race in Nashville or the IndyCar race in Texas. I just have to wait a few more days and see how my physical health is before I can make the right decision on what I am going to do...
Now, this may completely valid, because as Tony Kanaan and Vitor Meira can attest even with all of the modern safety advances a driver can still get banged up pretty badly in these cars. Then again, this may be some kind of posturing so his sponsors don't get edgy if at some point Stan decides he wants to have another go at it. Whatever the reason, it seems his "decision" has already been made.

(Thanks to The Furious Wedge for bringing this to our attention.)


  1. Sarah Fan // June 04, 2009 4:53 AM  

    I tend to believe him re his back. Considering his outside-of-racing occupation, he knows the longterm ramifications to himself if he would continue to race injured. I don't think anyone else racing in the IRL has an outside occupation, although I might be wrong.